Mindy Slater-Patti, PA-C

Mindy Slater-Patti PA-C is a certified Physician Associate who started working for Princeton Dermatology Associates in January 2019. Mindy is an accomplished medical provider with a wealth of medical experience (over 25 years), and approximately 15 years part time and/or full time experience in dermatology.  

Mindy earned her Bachelor of Science Degree from Wagner College and her Physician’s Assistant Studies Degree in 1991 from the former Bayley Seton Hospital on Staten Island, NY. She began her career at Richmond University Medical Center, located in Staten Island, NY, in the field of Neonatology, where for over 20 years she assisted Neonatologists in the daily care of premature newborns and participated in hundreds of high-risk deliveries. During that time, Mindy was designated as Preceptor to second year Physician Assistant students, and trained new Physician Assistants in procedures and policies within the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

While working in the neonatal field, Mindy developed a strong interest in dermatology. After an internship at Windsor Dermatology, she was hired on a part time basis there, and for several years she provided routine skin examinations and skin cancer screenings to a diverse patient population. In addition, over time and under the tutelage of her physician mentors, she became very proficient at performing biopsies, excisions and sclerotherapy. While continuously employed in the field of neonatology, her fascination and interest in dermatology led her in 2008 to join Accredited Dermatology/ DermOne, a multi-state dermatology practice with over 80 locations nationwide. At DermOne, Mindy delivered for over six years dermatologic care at several of the company’s offices, to an even broader segment of the population from infants to the elderly and/or geriatric patients. Eventually, she became so interested in and excited by dermatology that she left the neonatology space to focus exclusively in dermatology.

Most recently, after DermOne, Mindy worked for over two years for On-Site Dermatology, a supported mobile dermatology practice, where she offered a full array of dermatologic services on site, visiting patients in need of dermatologic care at several elder communities and/or geriatric facilities.  

In addition to her passion for dermatology Mindy enjoys fishing, reading and spending time with her family and friends.