Julia Corbisiero LE

Julia Corbisiero, LE, as someone who suffered from skin care issues for many years as a teenager and as an adult, has a deep understanding of her patients’ needs. One of the main reasons she went into the field of aesthetics is because she could intimately relate to how skin concerns can affect a person’s appearance and self-confidence. Julia understands that these concerns are much more than “skin deep”, that is why she decided to devote her professional career to helping others overcome these hurdles. It is her life’s passion to help others feel confident both on the inside and outside.  

Julia not only has earned her state license in aesthetics but is continuously pursuing further training and taking courses to expand her knowledge and expertise. She has significant experience in many aesthetic procedures, such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels, acne surgery, milia removal, and many others.  

In her free time Julia enjoys being with family and friends. She is passionate about maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle through exercise and outdoor activities, usually with her dog Luna. She also likes to travel, especially to Hawaii, to visit her sister and surf the waves on Waikiki beach. She is dedicated to caring for her patients in a pleasant, knowledgeable, and professional manner.