Eileen Reid, LE

Although Eileen Reid is a newly licensed esthetician in the State of New Jersey, she has over twenty years of personal research and experimentation experience with cosmetic ingredients.  She has an extensive knowledge of the benefits of herbal ingredients, minerals, carrier and essential oils.  She has been on a lifelong perpetual quest and exploration of the cutting edges on the latest and greatest skin care practices.  She considers the nutritional component of any skin care regimen to be the foundation upon which beautiful skin is built.  She is passionate about using the best ingredients in any skin care routine, and strives to assist others in achieving their best complexion possible.

Eileen attended the College of Saint Elizabeth in Madison, NJ, earning a BA in Mathematics.  All the while, she was researching and manufacturing specialized cosmetic products, from soaps to lotions, serums and cosmetic creams for friends and family.  After raising two children and contemplating her return to the work force, she discovered Innovate Salon Academy in South Plainfield, NJ.  At Innovate, she earned many accolades for academic achievement and her clinical technique.  She knew immediately that this should be the next phase of her career.

In addition to her relentless pursuit of knowledge about all things skin care, in her spare time she greatly enjoys swimming, hiking, yoga, and selflessly dedicates her time to helping her community by participating in several civic causes.